Tried to print you job and your printer won’t work and showing offline error? Tried everything by your own but of no use? Then you are at the right place with us. In this article we will help you to solve/troubleshoot the hp printer keeps going offline windows 10 issue that you are facing alone. Read along to know to know more.

Reasons Behind Printer Offline Error

The HP printer offline error is that it could no longer communicate with any other devices. So this issue may occur due to many reasons. Some of them are:

  • Damaged wire connection
  • Irrelevant printer settings
  • Outdated printer driver
  • Inconsistent network connection
  • Overflowing print spooler

The top 10 solutions to bring back your HP printer online

Solution 1: Before starting check the initial requirements

  • Initially press the power button to wake your printer from its sleep mode
  • Then check if your printer is having enough paper loaded
  • Next check the ink cartridges. On ink shortage, make sure to replace the old cartridges with new one
  • If there is any error displayed on the printer, resolve them before starting the printer
  • Always restart the printer to see if the issue has resolved or not

Solution 2: For USB check the wired connection

  • For the USB connection, make sure the connected wires are firm with the port.
  • Then the wires are in good condition
  • The wires shouldn’t be longer than 6 feet
  • Try using new set of wires if you think it contains damages
  • Always connect the power cord direct in the wall outlet and avoid the power surge or power hub.

Solution 3: For wireless check the network connection

  • First check whether your printer has established a connection with your router.
  • Then remove any USB cable connected to your printer.
  • Now, try restarting your printer, router and computer.
  • Make sure there are magnetic materials near the router as it may distract the wireless signals.
  • Also you can try to turn on the web service for your printer from the embedded web server.

Solution 4: Make sure your printer is set as a default one

  • First tap on the windows icon in the system
  • Choose Devices from the list and select Printers & scanners option
  • In the upcoming page, choose your printer name
  • Then click Manage
  • Now choose Set as default option.

Solution 5: Running Diagnose and fix option

  • Initially download Diagnose & Fix app for your printer in your system
  • Then tap on the Diagnose & Fix icon present at the bottom of the screen
  • In the following page showing your printer name along with the model number, click on the Start button.
  • This will start the troubleshooting procedure
  • Once finished it will list all the issues present with your printer
  • Please follow the instructions to complete any troubleshooting procedure

Solution 6: Try printing a Wireless Network Test Results

Printing the Network Configuration report or the Wireless Network Test Results can also give you an idea about the ongoing printing issues with your HP printer.

  • Turn toward your printer control panel
  • Tap on the wireless option
  • And choose Network settings
  • Then tap on the Setup menu
  • Now you can find the available list of reports
  • Click on the required one to get the report

Solution 7: Utilize the HP Print and Scan Doctor 

  • Initially go to the HP official site
  • Then download the HP Print and Scan doctor app
  • Now double-click on the downloaded file to begin the installation process
  • Run the app in admin control mode to continue with the installation process
  • Now open the installed application
  • Next click start
  • In the following page choose your printer name if the name is not available, click retry
  • Once the app got opened, it will list the possible problems with the solutions for the same for your HP printer

Please note: If the applications prefers you to make your HP printer the default one, then follow the displayed simple instructions to make it as a default one.

Solution 8: Generate a manual IP address

  • In the downloaded Network Configuration report note down IP address, subnet mask and default gateway details
  • You can find the URL details from general instruction
  • In the system browser enter the IP address to open the Embedded Web Server
  • Choose Networking option and open the Wireless menu
  • Next select IPv4 Configuration and select Manual IP
  • Now enter the noted information from the report and click apply

Solution 9: Clear print spooler

  • Now we will clear the print queue with command prompt.
  • Enter win+R to open the run window.
  • Hit services.msc, in the following services window, scroll down to print spooler.
  • You should right click on the spooler and choose stop.
  • Now delete all the spooler files and restart the spooler.

Solution 10: Reinstall the HP Printer drivers

  • Search and click on Add or remove programs in your system
  • Next in the installed program, select HP printer name
  • Then click uninstall
  • Now click yes in the upcoming account control message
  • After that you have to follow the displayed online instruction to complete the HP printer driver uninstallation
  • Then, go to HP official site to download the latest HP printer driver
  • You have to enter your printer model number
  • In the following page check the OS and hardware requirements
  • Then start the download process
  • Double-click on the downloaded .exe file to begin with the installation process

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