The use of LED FLUARESCENT LAMP PROVIDERS is the choice of every household, but some people will keep flashing after installing LEDs. Therefore, at night, you will feel more scary. If you want to solve the flickering, you must find the reason for the reason to improve it completely.

1): LED lamp beads do not match the LED driver power supply, normal single-foot 1W lamp beads bearing current: 280-300mA, voltage: 3.0-3.4V, if the lamp chip is not enough power If the current is too high, the lamp beads cannot be afforded and destroyed. The serious phenomenon will burn the golden or copper thread built on the lamp beads, resulting in the lamp beads not bright.

2): It may be that the driving power is broken. As long as you put on another good driver power, you will not flash.

3): If the driver has a temperature protection function, and the material heat dissipation performance of the lamp can not meet the requirements, the driving temperature protection starts to work, for example: 20W shot lamp shells are used to assemble 30W lamps. The heat dissipation work will not be done well.

4): If the outdoor lamps also have a frequent flashing phenomenon, that is, the lamps are in water. The consequence is that it will not light up. The lamp beads and the driver are broken. If you drive well, you can just break the lamp beads and replace the light source.

Corn lanterns are another high -section source light product developed by incandescent lamps. Corn lamps are called fourth -generation lighting light sources or green light sources. They have the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, and small volume. They can be widely used in various types Instructions, display, decoration, backlight, ordinary lighting, and urban night scenes.

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