We can achieve the following functions through the transformer Vacuum Pumping System:


  1. Vacuum dry. Refers to the vacuuming of the tank of the oil-immersed transformer. Its purpose is to be able to remove moisture and moisture from the insulating material faster and more thoroughly.


  1. Vacuum oil filling. That is, after the transformer body is assembled, the transformer oil tank is evacuated, and then the transformer oil is injected into it. Its purpose is to escape the moisture, moisture and air in the transformer oil as much as possible to prevent moisture or air bubbles from adversely affecting the insulation.


Vacuum pumps can be used in industries such as transformer vacuuming, vacuum smelting, welding, drying, chemical and pharmaceutical, power vacuum devices and other industries.


YUNENG Vacuum pump unit has the characteristics of fast start-up, high pumping speed, stable performance and easy operation. It is especially convenient for vacuuming transformers or power equipment, vacuum oiling, vacuum drying, etc. This unit can be equipped with imported vacuum pump or imported Roots pump as required.