JEE Main Preparation book

Which is the best preparation book for IIT JEE 2023?

This is one of the questions which are repeatedly asked by many students and this is one of the most important questions for every JEE Aspirant. 

There is no specific book that is considered to be best for IIT JEE Preparation, But if we talk about the most preferred books then, HC Verma and I E Irodov is for physics, M L Khanna, and Arihant for Mathematics, and JD LEE and Solomon & Frhyle for Chemistry.

JEE Main Preparation Book

So, what exactly are the best books for IIT JEE Preparation? Which book would turn out to be your savior for important subjects like physics, chemistry, and maths? The biggest problem when a student starts preparing for IIT JEE is what should he/she study to crack JEE. Along with the growing number of aspirants, even the number of professional writers and books is increasing.

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