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Tramadol or commonly known by its brand name – Ultram is a drug that is used to get relief from pain that is occurring in the body. The pain that occurs can be mild as well as moderate or severe. You can also say that Tramadol is a drug that is widely used in the United States for its medicinal properties that helps relieve pain in the body.

This drug works similarly to an opioid analgesic that can also be termed as a narcotic drug due to the way it acts on the body. Tramadol works on the brain and changes how your body feels and responds to the pain that is taking place. Our recommendation for the patients is to buy Tramadol online from a genuine website.




A Tramadol 50mg tablet is round in shape and white in color. These tablets are prescribed to patients only when the doctor sees the need for it. You should never take the dose of Tramadol 100mg on your own. It is generally prescribed to patients who are suffering from mild to moderate pain in their body structure. These tablets should be taken through the mouth, and if the person is taking any other pill along with them, he/she should inform about it to the doctor.

If a doctor has prescribed you the use of Tramadol 50mg, it is because he knows what will be the appropriate dose for the treatment of pain in your body. You are advised not to share this medication with anyone. A 50mg Tramadol dosage is prescribed according to the patient’s health and mental condition.

What are the side effects of Tramadol?


Like all opioids or medicines, Tramadol can cause side effects, although not everyone gets them. Inform your doctor or pharmacist if the adverse effects given below bother you or don’t go away.

Common side effects


Feeling or being sick;

Dry mouth and constipation;

Feeling sleepy, dizzy, or tired;

Sweating and low energy, etc.

Serious side effects

Short, shallow breathing or any other breathing difficulty

Very sleepy




Trouble peeing & you can’t pee at all


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