The process of obtaining a green card is not a hasty one, it requires detailed scrutiny of applicants to see if they qualify to be issued one. Oftentimes, when people get invited for an immigration interview, they have mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety. It is a usual thing, but there is nothing to worry about. 

Interview questions very often come in different ways, but the format is usually the same. Getting prepared ahead for your interview gives you a level of confidence and inner peace that will propel you to success.

First, when you get a notification for an interview from the immigration office, you must study every detail and know when and where the interview is to be conducted. This notification often comes with a list of recommended documents that may be needed during the interview. To avoid complications and unnecessary hassles, it is best to go with the original copies of your documents.


How To Prepare For An Immigration Interview 

How prepared you are for the immigration interview plays a key role in determining its success. Adequate preparations help you to stay organized and comfortable. 

Below are some preparation steps to follow when going for an immigration interview.


  • Locate The Place

Most people have the habit of visiting a place on the day of the scheduled meeting. There could be some challenges or mishaps that might cause some delays. So, it is best to visit the scheduled venue for the interview at least a day before the interview. This will help you to easily identify the building location, know how long it takes to get to the place, how organized the environment is, and so on.


  • Dress Modest

The saying “how you dress is how you are addressed” should be your guide when selecting your dress. Dress professionally and be comfortable in it.


  • Keep To Time 

You don’t want to keep your interviewer waiting, that will not be good for you. It is best to arrive at the building for the interview at least 45 minutes before your interview. This will help you settle in and go through some of your stuff before the interview starts.


  • Review Your Application

Do well to review your application and familiarize yourself with answers to any possible questions that might arise from it.


  • Verify Your Documents

Before going for the interview, make sure that all the recommended documents are intact and reachable. Use binders with dividers to organize the documents for ease of identification.


  • Mock Interview

This is best if you have an immigration attorney representing you. You can schedule a meeting with your attorney to review your documents and application, educate you on possible things to expect, and possibly conduct a mock interview for you.

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