YLSK-825RW Wire rotation CNC spring machine includes Taiwan computer control system and Japan imported servo motor.Get more news about Best Spring Machine,you can vist our website!
Cam, wire feeding, rotating mandrel, wire rotation, Coiling spinner (optional accessory), five axis synchronous operation.
Can manufacture various types of torsion spring, tension spring, special shaped springs used in househols appliences, automobile industries and many other applications.
Wire rotation system is installed in the back of the machine, can be positive and negative rotation, and the computer control wire feed length, the minimum wire feed unit is 0.01mm. Features: Wear noise, cam shaft, high synchronization accuracy.
Rotating core axis can be positive and negative. The coiling device is mounted on slide, and can realize the positive and negative rotation of the multi ring.
This machine can manufacture various types of hard type compression springs, tension spring, torsion spring, conical shaped spring, flat spring and other special shaped spring. Can be used in Manufacturing Industries, Electronics, Toys, Home appliances, Sports equipment, Automotive and other industries required precision spring.UNIVERSAL SPRING MACHINE
Wire feeding axis the accuracy can reach 0.1mm, the highest speed of wire feeding is 80m/min. Upper & Lower cutter makes cutting operation smooth, resulting swing & twist cut. High precision Rollers is used to make the pitch claw move, Thus ensuring the accuracy of the pitch claw. Finally lifting of the core shaft is controlled by the Cam axis which is convenient for operation. All five axis can work independent or synchronously. In the production process, the machine is stable, running smoothly, no wear & long life.