Ballistic Tiles

For use in shooting ranges to help with ricochet and noise level reduction, ballistic tiles are made from 100% recycled tire rubber. Each 2 x 2 ft. tile is constructed with two different surfaces. This product is 1.5 inch thick.Get more news about ballistic tiles,you can vist our website!

The grid surface is installed facing outward in areas where the primary concern is noise reduction, and the flat surface faces outward when ricochet reduction is the principal concern. Manufactured in the USA, Ballistic Tiles are an excellent surfacing choice for law enforcement, military and civilian shooting ranges.

Rephouse Ballistic Rubber Tiles exhibit tremendous capturing properties to prevent ricochets and lead splash-backs thereby reducing lead dust propagated from repeated range firing.

Rephouse Ballistic Rubber Tiles can be installed on walls, baffles, ceilings and floors and collectively are helpful in attenuating noise. The finished surface is smooth with no protruding edges.

Our ballistic tiles tested for a complete spectrum of the most common small arms calibers and ammunition used by the Military, Enforcement and Civilians. The ballistic tiles were tested to acquire both Penetration and Ricochet characteristics at 100 m, 10 m and 2m distances at various impact angles with different weapon systems.
Top Features for Ballistic Rubber Tiles 2×2 ft Black

1.5 inch thick self sealing rubber tile
Reduces vibration and sound levels
Use on walls, ceilings and floors
Glue down for adhesive
Durable and resilient
Made in the USA from 100% recycled rubber
Assists in ricochet reduction