Order a license via the Internet for a motorcycle.
Buy a license or not? Getting a driver's license at a driving school will not work out quickly, you will need a lot of time and material costs. You will have to go to a driving school every day, classes take place for one hour and it is highly undesirable to miss them. No one will explain more information about the theory to you if you miss at least one day. You will have to figure out the material yourself, and believe me, it's not as easy as it seems. Regular attendance at a driving school can take six months or longer. Plus additional driving lessons, plus payment for the training itself, plus the costs of transportation, which is also not cheap nowadays. So it turns out that the rights will cost you not 15,000, as it is written on the website, but all 50,000. The driving hours themselves are about forty hours, they are included in the tuition fee. As a rule, the instructor spends one lesson with you every day, which lasts for two hours, at least two classes. And as soon as you leave your watch, we save the money. There are not enough driving lessons offered by the driving school, and additional classes cost from 400 rubles and above. So calculate how much money it will take to study at a driving school. If you do not take exams in theory or driving in the traffic police, then you start all over again, but only for a fee. Also do not forget about the payment of the state duty, which you will pay every time you try to pass the next exam in the traffic police. We also offer you to buy a legal driver's license in OnPrava without wasting your nerves, time and money.
In OnPrava you can safely make category A online / В OnPrava вы можете спокойно сделать категорию А онлайн.
Have you been deprived of your driver's license or have you lost it?
What to do? Lost rights will have to be restored for at least two months, and this is at best. There are eternal queues at the traffic police, and it is not known how many more times you will have to go there, and how much to spend your precious time and nerves. Again, in such a situation, buying rights is the fastest way to solve the problem.
If you have been deprived, then you can try to protest the deprivation of rights through the Court, but even according to the law it is very difficult to do this, and how much red tape, money costs and expectations are ahead. Even the best lawyers can only reduce the term of deprivation of rights for a shorter period, but you are unlikely to be able to fully restore your rights. And this is provided that in your case the situation was controversial. If you are completely the culprit of the accident, then you can forget about the rights for a long time.
If you are looking for a way out of a dead-end situation and decided to buy a certificate, then you are moving in the right direction. Buying a license is the fastest way that allows you to get behind the wheel of your favorite car within 2-3 days.
What you need to buy the rights in OnPrava
-You will need to provide a photocopy of your passport, two pages (home and residence permit).
-The number of the old driver's license, if you have not yet received a license – specify.
-Color high-quality photo in electronic form.
-Your signature (sample).
-Also do not forget to specify which categories you would like to see in the certificate.
-Everything, it turns out that the purchase of rights is not such a complicated process.
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