The Antimicrobial Coated Medical Devices Market is expected to be worth US$ 1,344 million in 2022 and to grow at a 13.1% CAGR to US$ 5,205.2 million by 2032.

The rising awareness of bacterial and microbial infections is attributed to the growth. The market grew at a 13.1% CAGR between 2016 and 2021. The antimicrobial coating is beneficial in the treatment of healthcare-associated infections. The antimicrobial coating includes a highly effective viable antimicrobial coating as well as modifications that are precisely dosed and delivered directly from the medical device's surface.

Pathogens are the leading cause of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), posing an ongoing and growing challenge to the healthcare industry in terms of clinical treatment and avoiding pathogen cross-contamination. A survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for healthcare associated infections (HAIs) in 2011 revealed that approximately 722,000 cases of infections were recorded, with approximately 75,000 patients dying during their hospital stays.

Key Players:

  • AST products Inc.
  • Covalon Technologies Ltd.
  • Bio Interaction Ltd.
  • Royal DSM
  • Sciessent LLC
  • Specialty Coating Systems Inc.
  • Hydromer Inc.
  • Dow Chemical Company
  • Biocote
  • PPG Industries, Inc.

Key Market Segmentation Analysis:

The report provides insights on the important highlights and current trends prevailing in the market. This helps the readers to gain a deeper understanding and form an unbiased opinion on the market. Numerous segmentations have been provided for this market based on:

By Device Type:

  • Antimicrobial Coated Catheters
  • Antimicrobial Coated Surgical Instruments
  • Antimicrobial Coated Implantable Devices
  • Other Antimicrobial Coated Devices

By Coating Material:

  • Metallic Antimicrobial Coated Medical Devices
    • Silver Coating
    • Copper Coating
    • Other Metal Coatings
  • Non-Metallic Antimicrobial Coated Medical Devices
    • Polymeric Coating
    • Organic Coating

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Important changes in market dynamics

The report was created after extensive research by FMI analysts who considered several factors such as the monetary, ecological, social, mechanical, and political status of a specific demographic. They examine key data to assess the revenue and output of manufacturers in various regions. The report also includes an in-depth examination of the key changes in market dynamics that have occurred in the recent past and will occur in the near future.