The bariatric surgery devices market is expected to grow at a moderate rate of 6.2% between 2022 and 2032.

The increased preference for non-invasive bariatric procedures has resulted in a significant increase in demand for bariatric surgical equipment.

Additionally, increased spending on weight loss surgery has increased individual sales of bariatric surgery equipment. Regional government initiatives are also influencing the expansion of the bariatric surgery device market.

One of the key factors expected to accelerate the growth and demand for bariatric surgery devices is the rise in demand for minimally invasive surgeries (MIS) as a weight loss option around the world.

Furthermore, the rapid rise in the obese population and the increase in the number of bariatric procedures are expected to contribute to the growth of the bariatric surgery devices market.

Because of the significant increase in the number of obese people combined with an unhealthy lifestyle, North America is at the forefront of the bariatric surgery devices market, which further broadens bariatric options. 

Key Players

The writer will create content on the general strategies of market players. And then will write the key players in the market are: Johnson & Johnson, Covidien Plc, Cousin Biotech, and Pare Surgical, Inc., among Others

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The report provides insights on the important highlights and current trends prevailing in the market. This helps the readers to gain a deeper understanding and form an unbiased opinion on the market. Numerous segmentations have been provided for this market based on:

The global market for bariatric surgery devices can be segmented on the basis the type of

  • bariatric surgery
  • device used

Based on the different kinds of bariatric surgery procedures, the market is classified into,

  • Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery
  • Gastric Banding Surgery
  • Others

By device-type, the global market is further segmented into,

  • Stapling Devices
  • Gastric Bands
  • Gastric Balloons