During the forecast period, the drug screening market is expected to grow at a strong CAGR of 16.1%. In 2023, the market is worth US$ 7.3 billion, and by 2033, it is expected to be worth US$ 32.4 billion.

The overuse of prescribed drugs and the increased use of narcotics is a major driver of the drug screening market. According to one of the most recent World Drug Reports, global drug and alcohol abuse and consumption is on the rise.

Drug abuse killed nearly 500,000 people, and drug use disorders cost 18 million years of healthy life, primarily due to opioids. Similar increases in alcohol consumption have been observed, resulting in an increase in the incidence of drunk driving.

The rising consumption of illicit drugs and alcohol will hasten the development of drug screening products and services on the road, fueling the growth of the drug screening market.

Workplace drug and alcohol testing is considered a violation of employee privacy in some countries, including South Africa, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, and Canada. Such prohibitions in various countries may impede the adoption of drug screening devices and other similar devices, thereby limiting overall market growth.

Several new products, devices, and services have also received regulatory approval and are being adopted by government agencies and corporate organisations, with the potential to expand the drug screening market.

Companies in this market can expect new opportunities as their business strategies shift toward oral swab drug tests and the development of the concept of fingerprint-based drug screening, which will drive demand for drug screening devices, among other things.

Additionally, New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) such as tryptamines, ketamine, piperazine, and phenethylamines are emerging trends in the drug screening market. Urine samples are the most commonly used for testing due to their low cost and dependability, ramping up urine drug tests.

Competitive Landscape:

Some of the notable players in the drug screening market are Premier Biotech (US), Abbott Laboratories (US), Alfa Scientific Designs (US), OraSure Technologies (US), Shimadzu (Japan), Drägerwerk (Germany), LifeLock (US), Thermo Fisher Scientific (US), MPD Inc. (US), Omega Laboratories (US), Psychemedics (US), Roche (Switzerland), and Siemens Healthineers (Germany), Quest Diagnostics (US).

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Key Segments

By Sample Type:

  • Urine samples
  • Breath Samples
  • Oral Fluid Samples
  • Hair Samples
  • Other Samples

By Product and Service:

  • Drug screening
  • Analytical Instruments
  • Rapid Testing Devices
  • Consumables
  • Drug Screening Service

By End User:

  • Drug Testing Laboratories
  • Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Drug Treatment Centers
  • Individual Users
  • Pain Management Centers
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Workplaces