How to choose a car to transport a bed in New York.
A standard bed consists of a base, two backs and sides. The main difficulties in transportation are related to the base. It does not fold or collapse, so it is impossible to put it in the trunk or place it in the cabin of a subcompact car. To transport a collapsible bed, it is best to order a car with movers. Such a car will include all the details of the structure, including the frame.
If the product is not disassembled or has too massive elements in its composition, then a car will be needed to transport oversized cargo. Its brand and size can be selected by a consultant of the transport company after familiarization with the parameters of the furniture product.
You can also transport the bed in your own car. This does not contradict traffic rules if the furniture has a standard weight and does not lead to overload. The base of the bed is placed in the cabin or on the roof, and small elements are folded into the trunk. If the structure is oversized, then special red flags will have to be used during its transportation.
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How to load a bed into a car?
The number of movers needed to carry the bed depends on its weight and configuration. A light oversized structure can be carried out and placed in the back of 2 movers. For products of non-standard size with a large weight, a team of 4-5 people and special rigging equipment will be required. At the same time, the correct loading of collapsible furniture provides:
laying flat panels on the bottom of the body;
transportation of all parts in a horizontal position (vertical arrangement is allowed only if the car has straps for fixing furniture products to the side).
transportation of the frame separately from other elements (it is impossible to put heavy objects or a mattress on it, because the panels may not withstand the load with a sharp push, braking).
What to do after transportation?
After transportation, the bed should be assembled according to the instructions, taking into account the inscriptions on the individual elements and photos of disassembly. Before that, all the parts must be thoroughly wiped with a damp cloth, vacuumed and polished (if necessary). The product can be operated immediately after it is brought into standard form. The only exception is orthopedic beds: experts recommend waiting 2-3 days after their assembly and transportation and only then starting to use.