The stretch run of the abbreviated 2020 MLB regular season has arrived. There are six days remaining in the season, then 16 clubs will venture into the postseason. . The World Series will take place at Globe Life Field in Arlington.With that in mind, it's time for our weekly look at various trends around the league. , among other things. Now Jared Mccann Women Jersey here are three other trends to keep an eye on.Martinez's season-long slump BOS DH #28 BA0.216R18HR6RBI24SB1 Countle s star players have struggled during this unusual, short season full of complications and stre ses. is hitting .214. is slugging .355. owns a .596 OPS. Weird things happen in small samples -- yes, 60 games is still a small sample in baseball -- then add all the COVID-19 protocols on top of that, and you have a recipe for down years. Still, it is jarring to see slugger J.D. Martinez, one of the most devastating hitters of the last half-decade, sitting on a .216/.294/.389 batting line with five games to play. I repeat: .216/.294/.389. For reference, slugger hit .220/.293/.387 en route to losing his DH job last year. Among the 1,278 position players to appear in a game this year, Martinez ranks 1,269th in WAR. Ouch. Martinez's decline is most obvious against fastballs. Everything in the game revolves around the fastball. If you can hit it as a position player and command it as a pitcher, you have a chance to hang around awhile. Martinez annihilated fastballs the last few years, as you'd expect. This year though, he's been among the worst fastball hitters in the game. His numbers against heaters:Batting average Slugging percentage Swing and mi s rate Exit velocity 2018.361.68719.0%94.1 mph2019.318.57419.4%93.1 mph2020.198.37523.9%90.8 mph average.265.44521.3%89.4 mph"He's worked and been diligent the same way he's been in the past. I know this kind of sounds like an excuse, but he fell into some bad habits," Red Sox hitting coach Tim Michael Matheson Men Jersey Hyers told reporters, , this past weekend. "Right now, he's trying to deal with his back side. We call it his back hip. He just jumps off his back side and he's creating some length in his swing on the back side, and he's just late to fastballs. I know he's working on it."Here is Martinez swinging through two fastballs in one at-bat this past weekend. The bases were loaded with one out, and he swung through a 2-0 fastball (!) and later a 2-2 fastball to strike out. In the past, Martinez was as close as it gets to an automatic RBI in these situations.Those swings do not look like J.D. Martinez swings. He was overmatched, including by a fastball in an extreme fastball count (2-0 with the bases loaded). Those swings look like the version of Martinez, the guy who got released before he revamped his swing and broke out as a superstar with the .Martinez is extremely studious and renowned for using video to break down and make adjustments not only to his swing, but his teammate's swings as well. Players are banned from watching in-game video as a result of the Henrik Borgstrom Kids Jersey Astros and Red Sox sign-stealing scandals (also, MLB doesn't want the video room crowded amid the COVID-19 pandemic) and Martinez has lamented the lack of acce s to live video. He's been unable to make adjustments on the fly.Here's what Martinez told reporters, , about the lack of acce s to video last month:"Guys are struggling and trying to work. It's tough when you don't know what to work on or what to do so everyone is feeling for stuff and it's a tough situation," he said. "We're only allowed to be here five hours before game time, that doesn't leave a lot of time for guys to go in the cage and grind it out and figure it out with the hitting coach. It's tough. I mean it's a tough hand. We've got to find a way to make it work though. I told my guys anytime they know they have anything they know they can come up to me and ask me questions and stuff like that. It's just different. I don't have that time to go in and break down guys' swings and look at guys' stuff and really dive into it. "For certain people, they don't get the video until the next day and at that point they're already trying to get ready for the game. For me, I usually get my video probably in an hour from now and then I stay up until two in the morning trying to break it down, line it up and get going. But a lot of guys don't do that. Fortunately, for me, I have my laptop which has every swing I've taken in the big leagues since 2015, so I can kind of line it up and do my own analysis. But most guys come to the park and line it up and look at the computer and look at what they're doing versus what they're doing now. But we don't have anything with that James Reimer Men Jersey ."The lack of video acce s may sound like an excuse but Martinez is not alone here. Baez recently complained about not being able to watch video and make adjustments during games -- "I'm really mad that we don't have it," he told reporters, -- and I'm sure other players feel the same way. That said, the video restrictions apply to every player, and some are doing better without it than others.Martinez can opt out of the final two years and $38.75 million remaining on his contract after this season but there's little chance that happens. He could have opted out last offseason but didn't -- the case can be made Martinez's decision led directly to the trade so the Red Sox could meet ownership's payroll mandate -- and now he's coming off a terrible season after team revenues have been wrecked by the pandemic. Hard to believe he could top $38.75 million in free agency at this point.Martinez turned 33 last month, so while he's in or entering what you'd expect to be his decline phase, he's not so old that a rebound in 2021 is unrealistic. He's a hard worker and an incredibly smart hitter. Give him an offseason to adjust his preparation routine and a normal spring training, and I would bet on Martinez bouncing back nicely next year. The Red Sox have to hope that's the case, anyway, because Martinez is likely to remain with them through 2022."We've worked on just trying to be shorter and finishing off this last week. It's just trying to kill some of those habits and not trying to do too much," Hyers told Browne. "... (That's) what we've been grinding on, is him just to shorten up and not have that length in the back with his hands, to create length and catch up to the fastball. That's what he's working on, and obviously Jared Mccann Kids Jersey to go into the winter trying to improve."Upton's in-season turnaround SEA LF #8 BA0.199R18HR7RBI20SB0 Barring a miracle, the will mi s the postseason for the sixth consecutive season this year. They have played three postseason games -- all lo ses in the 2014 ALDS -- in the era. Just a stunning waste of historical greatne s and it makes me mad. It really does. MLB needs Trout in the postseason and the Angels have failed to deliver year after year.There are many reasons why the Angels will mi s the postseas