The agreed to terms with free-agent right-hander on a that contains opt-outs after the 2021 and 2022 seasons.Bauer joins a championship-winning squad that already had , and in its rotation. While the Dodgers still have other areas to addre s (third baseman is still a free agent, while left fielder has departed to join the ), it's fair to see them as the favorites in the Laurent Brossoit Jersey National League West entering another spring -- that despite the ' best efforts this offseason.So, what kind of impact Bauer will have on the Dodgers' chances of repeating as World Series champions? For insight into Adam Larsson Jersey that, we defer to SportsLine's projections, as calculated by Stephen Oh.According to Oh's numbers, Bauer nets the Dodgers an additional 0.5 wins and increases their championship likelihood by 1.1 percentage points. If that makes Bauer's addition appear le s impactful than it may seem, it's because SportsLine is factoring Mark Fayne Jersey in more than the results of last season, in which Bauer took advantage of an 11-game sprint against the shaky competition offered to him by both Central divisions. Still, it's easy to foresee Bauer outpacing that mark. FanGraphs' ZiPs projection system has the full-season difference between Bauer and (arguably the best Dodgers pitcher displaced here) at 2.2 wins, while its Steamer system Bill Ranford Jersey has the difference pegged at over three wins. The system-to-system variance can be explained in part by the concept of "stickine s." Some systems are built to be influenced by more recent results, as a means of capturing in-progre s breakouts.In Bauer's case, it's hard to su s out what's real and what was the product of the circumstances -- a small sample against lackluster offenses. Further complicating things is . Whether or not Bauer can sustain those gains is to be seen. It's worth remembering that he entered the 2020 season with a career 109 ERA+; a return to that level of performance would still Jordan Eberle Jersey be worthwhile for the Dodgers -- just, perhaps, not to the extent they hoped.