The are only a half game out of first place, but that doesn't mean manager Joe Girardi can't get mad at his team. On Sunday, Ben Scrivens Jersey the skipper and second baseman exchanged some words that turned into a dugout confrontation during their 10-8 lo s to the .The exchange got so intense at one point that Segura had to be physically restrained by Phillies coach Dusty Wathan.The spat occurred after an error, and while Girardi appeared frustrated with his team following the three-error game, he did not want to talk about what happened with Segura.Here's and below is what the manager had Jari Kurri Jersey to say after the game: "That's a bench conversation, meant for the bench. You can ask all you want; you got everything you're going to get about it. I'm done with it."Segura committed an error trying to get Jean-Francois Jacques Jersey fancy with a catch and mi sed the ball. This was after the Blue Jays started the game with back-to-back homers and a single, leaving the Phillies visibly frustrated. Girardi came in to take pitcher out of the game, and Segura did not head to the mound like the rest of the infield players.Sunday wasn't the first time there was visible frustrations with Zack Kassian Jersey the team. One day prior, Girardi criticized his squad for committing three errors in a 4-0 lo s."Catch the ball. Just catch the ball. That's all we need to do. I don't know what that is. They work every day. They do their Nail Yakupov Jersey stuff," he said. "It has to be they're just not following the ball in their glove, miscommunication. It shouldn't happen at this level." The team followed that three-error game on Saturday with a two-error effort in Sunday's lo s.