Pipe cutting machine

Than the stationary pipe profile cutting machines from Mueller Opladen are worthwhile having a look at. Visit the website of Mueller Opladen for more information. The range of pipe cutting machines for stationary use that Mueller is offering world-wide to the pipe fabrication market are covering the pipe diameter range from 2 “to 160” or in millimeters 50 mm to 4064 mm. Go to the overview webpage for different machines series for pipe profile cutting.Get more news about china profile pipe cutting machine,you can vist our website!

Please watch this video of the MO-Classic pipe cutting machine in operation while cutting a profile. With the MO-Classic machine series we also have the extra option to equip the standard CNC pipe cutting machine with extra modules to perform profiling cutting on box sections, square workpieces, square profiles and rectangular pipe.

The above drawing is showing the MO-Classic automatic pipe cutting machine , you could see the round pipe being clamped in the rotatable clamping set and the pipe is put on the pipe carriages in order to rotate it while the 3D robotic arm is profile cutting the pipe. Next to that you see the module for square pipe and box sections, it is rotated in the a different specially designed mechanism that has to be purchased as an option based on the standard pipe cutting machine base machine.

The machines that Mueller Opladen manufactures are built based on an enormous experience in manufacturing and engineering CNC pipe profiling machines, the first machine was manufactured in 1953. That first stationary pipe cutting machine was equipped with oxy-fuel cutting as the process of pipe cutting. Later on plasma cutting was also part of the options that Mueller Opladen was offering worldwide to their clients that required a CNC pipe cutting machine that cuts with thermal cutting process.

Mueller is selling world-wide many CNC pipe cutting machines with thermal cutting solutions, still oxy-fuel cutting is a very propular cutting process to use during the profile cutting of pipes and other metal workpieces. In our pipe cutting machines we mostly offer propane cutting or acetylene cutting if an oxy-fuel cutting is preferred.

The pipe cutter machines that we offer are related to CNC pipe profile cutting machines with thermal cutting process such as oxy-fuel cutting and plasma cutting.

Basically there is on the stationary pipe cutter for profile cutting a horizontal slide and a vertical column that slide along this horizontal slide. This vertical column has the robotic arm with cutting torches on it for 3D pipe cutting.If you watch this video you see the stationary pipe cutter in operation. The machines is fully CNC controlled that means that you control the machine from an operator panel. Optionally you could upload CAD files to the machine to enable to machine to profile cut all the required reliefs, shapes and contours that are requested.

visit the website of the MO-Compact machine serie for a CNC pipe cutter that is able to profile cut all your 3D shapes with the 6 axis thermal cutting options that we offer in this machine both for plasma cutting and oxy-fuel cutting.