Hyde Park West TelecommunicationsTM, an Alaska, Utah, and Arizona company, and a Managed Service Provider, delivers continuous, secure, quality, reliable, and high connectivity communications for rural and remote Mining, Oil and Gas, Geothermal and Construction assets, devices, drones, and workforce for the “Smart” Mining, Oil and Gas, Geothermal and Construction and the Last Mile; this promotes safety and process efficiency for direct cost savings and higher overall profitability. Accomplished with our pre-configured, portable, extensively validated, cell/satellite interfaced, mobile HOO-nahTM devices, and/or tailored connectivity consulting, design, and installation solutions, specifically adapted to your needs. Our multi-patented solutions (Europe, United States, Australia) are not an internet or cell provider but can provide cellular, WIFI, GPS, and video-teleconferencing. Our solutions dynamically switch between cellular providers and satellite, including Starlink for full connectivity, quality of service, and service persistence. Our solutions have been successfully tested and deployed in multiple states. Over the past 7 years, our solutions have also been adapted to moving vehicles and ambulances, RVs, cabins, campsites, and remote homes in rural, inaccessible, and mountainous locations.  Hot Spot On Steroids (We Will Add This Word Set To Our Website) As Our Term

Experience reliable and real-time connectivity in rural areas with our custom solutions. From rural cellular and WiFi connectivity to videoconferencing, we provide solutions to overcome cellular signal loss or no signal issues, inability to connect, and problems with continuous connectivity.

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