The central purpose of Modalert is promoting wakefulness in Narcolepsy patients. It is also popular among shift-work employees who seek to balance their sleep-wake cycle. It also has some desirable and undesirable effects. A lot of students order Modalert online because it improves attention and focus. However, some people start using it chronically and develop some dangerous side effects.

Modalert has been found to enhance higher cognitive functions. It does so without giving rise to serious side effects when used with a prescription. It is an incentive for students to use this drug, at least during the exam season. Modalert leads to increased alertness as much as Caffeine does. Many studies have suggested the presence of other cognitive benefits, but the results are conflicting. Researchers believe that the cognitive benefits outweigh the risks associated with Modalert uses, but only for a short time. Using Modalert in the long term can trigger some side effects like:


  • Having a dryness in the mouth, weakened appetite, gastrointestinal discomfort and heartburns.
  • Feeling confused and sweating excessively.
  • Having a tingling sensation in skin, blurry vision, eye pain and dizziness.
  • Having stiff/tightened muscles, difficulty in movement, shakiness and flushing.
  • Experiencing back pain, headache and nosebleeds.


These effects need medical attention if they do not subside on their own. These Modalert effects are otherwise not serious. However, you need to be alert about them, especially if you plan to buy Modalert for brainpower. Below are some more serious effects of Modalert.


  • Having blisters, hives and rashes appear on your body. Peeling skin is also an uncommon side effect.
  • Feeling depressed, anxious and having thoughts about harming oneself.
  • Developing a hoarse voice and changing rate of heartbeats.
  • Having an elevated mood.
  • If you can see or hear nonexistent things.


Using Modalert for brainpower is more likely to result in prolonged use and addiction.


You can avoid the side effects of Modalert by taking these precautions. Using Modalert as per prescription can result in some minor side effects only.


  • Telling your doctor about any allergic reactions you have had in the past.
  • In case of a missed dosage, or overdose, immediately inform a healthcare professional.
  • Speak to a doctor about pregnancy/ potential pregnancy before buying Modalert for brainpower.
  • Talk to your doctor about any physical or mental illnesses that may interact with Modalert.
  • Do not consume Modalert with alcohol.


Remember to exercise all cautionary actions when you buy Modalert USA to USA.