Automatic number-plate recognition(ANPR)

What can the solution do?

Improve efficiency and security while reducing costs

Automatic number-plate recognition(ANPR) is a technology that uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates. Home Security Camera Kits Australia

Rapid technological developments have allowed DaHua to enable camera-side integration of ANPR technology. This means it can be wide used to improve efficiency and security in defferent solutions. In anddition, this camera-side ANPR is more cost-effective than traditional server-side analysis solutions.

Key Technologies

Dahua ANPR solutions are include Dahua cameras and software that runs on either the camera or a server. It automatically captures license plates in real time

Relying on big image data and well train deep-learning models, the ANPR engine includes following features

  • Multilingual Recognition Recognizes English, Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Thai, and other languages
  • High Recognition Rate – 95%-98% with alphanumeric number plates
  • Fast Recognition - The full reading process takes around 100 milliseconds
  • Cost-effective Technology - Outstanding price/performance ratio

Typical Applications

Automatic ANPR is a valuable solution for multiple applications, including:

  • Road Safety Enforcement, Automatically recognizes speeding and red-light violations
  • Law Enforcement , Verify vehicle license and registration. Provides an automatic alert when blacklisted vehicles pass by
  • Electronic Toll Collection, Enables free-flow through and catches the vehicle plate number
  • Parking Guidance, Automatically recognize available parking spots and guides vehicles along the best route
  • Entrance & Exit Control, Raise barriers for authorized vehicles

Deployable System Design

Installation Recommendations

To guarantee optimal high plate recognition rates,the plate angle should less than 5°.

At the front-side installation, the horizontal angle should be less than 30°, which means if the height is 6m, the minimum snapshot distance is 10.2m. We recommend a standard horizontal distance of 25m.

In side installations, the angle between the camera and lane line should be less than 30°, which means if the height of pole is 2m, the minimum image capture distance should be at least 7m.

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