Meat Mincer suppliers Meat paste is obtained by grinding meat pieces through a meat grinder. The meat grinder can process raw meat into granular meat fillings with different specifications, so as to be fully mixed with other auxiliary materials. The meat grinder is a series of meat processing products; when working, the raw meat is chopped by the shearing effect formed by the rotating cutting blade and the hole blade on the orifice plate, and the raw material is continuously discharged out of the machine under the action of the extrusion force of the screw. According to different material properties and processing requirements, corresponding cutters and orifice plates can be configured to process particles of different sizes to meet the technological requirements of the next process. The working process of the meat paste machine When working, start the machine first and then discharge the material. Due to the gravity of the material itself and the rotation of the screw feeder, the material is continuously sent to the reamer for chopping. Because the pitch of the screw feeder should be smaller at the rear than the front, but the diameter of the screw shaft is larger at the rear than at the front, which creates a certain extrusion force on the material, which forces the chopped meat to be discharged from the holes on the grid. The meat paste machine is made of high-quality (cast iron) or stainless steel, which has no pollution to the processed materials and meets food hygiene standards. The tool has been specially heat-treated, which has excellent wear resistance and long service life. The meat paste machine is easy to operate, easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to clean, and has a wide range of processed products. After the materials are processed, they can well maintain their original various nutrients and have a good fresh-keeping effect. The cutter can be adjusted or replaced at will according to the actual use requirements. The scope of application All kinds of frozen meat, fresh meat, chicken skeleton, duck skeleton, pig skin, cowhide, chicken skin, fish, fruit, vegetables, etc. Capacity100~3500 kg/h Functiongrind meat to pasta type MaterialSS Meat Mincer suppliers website: