Poison Oak is a poisonous plant, which dampens the spirits and risks the lives of nature lovers. The plant is full of toxic oil containing urushiol, which is colorless or dull yellow in color, and capable of causing skin rashes to anybody who happens to touch the sap. It could also be caused when one comes in contact with any animal or garden objects with these toxins sticking onto them. It penetrates into the skin and causes blisters. In extreme cases it could also lead to cancer. One must therefore be careful to protect oneself from the poisonous leaves of this plan, which are very deceptive, as they resemble those of a blackberry plant.

The plant is usually found in Northern California and the coastal areas of North America. One must protect oneself by covering completely before stepping into highly planted areas, or where there is a possibility of coming in contact with this plant.

When one experiences rashes and uneasiness on the skin, he/she can resort to any of the simple home remedies for poison oak.

The first thing one could do after coming into contact with poison oak, is to wash the area immediately with cold water and prevent the poison from penetrating in the blood.

Vinegar, which is easily available at home, is one of the most excellent home remedies for poison oak, as it prevents the blisters from spreading further and lessens the itching. Although it emits a bad odor, its properties and various uses cannot be denied. hitman service  alcohol is also one of the good home remedies for poison oak.

Yet another simple home remedy is rubbing the affected area with the peel of a citrus fruit, like lemon or orange. This provides relief to the itching and rashes on the skin.

A potato blended in a mixer or a grinder, can be applied anytime to calm the itching of the skin rashes.

Buttermilk too eases the itching from rashes, and also provides relief from acne. Also, mixing one portion of bleach with three portions of warm water, and applying it on the rashes over 2-3 days is a good home remedy for poison oak.

A ripe banana can be mashed and mixed with honey, to be applied on the skin for relief. Besides, Aloe Vera, which has innumerable medicinal and healing properties, can be applied on the affected area for quick relief.