GPS signal jammer and GSM signal jammer are two different devices used for different purposes, they have the following main differences:

Function and application: GPS signal jammer is used to block or interfere with the Global Positioning System (GPS) signal to prevent the GPS device from receiving positioning signals from satellites. It is often used in specific scenarios, such as military, security testing or personal privacy protection. The GSM signal jammer is used to block or interfere with the signal of the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network. It is mainly used to prevent or limit mobile phone communications, such as in conference rooms, libraries, theaters and other places.


Signal type: The signal blocker is specially designed to interfere with GPS signals, that is, GPS signals on the L1, L2 and L5 frequency bands. The GSM signal jammer targets GSM network signals, including voice calls, text messages, and data transmission.

Device Design: GPS signal jammers are typically portable devices, similar to cell phones or small boxes, used to block GPS signals in a specific area. GSM signal jammers can be portable devices or fixed devices installed in specific areas to shield the transmission range of GSM signals.

Legal and Compliance: It is illegal to use, sell or manufacture GPS signal jammers and GSM signal jammers illegally in many countries. However, there may be a need for legitimate use of these devices in certain circumstances, such as in the military, law enforcement, or safety testing. Regulations and restrictions on the legal use of these devices may vary by region and country, so be sure to check your local laws before use.

In short, GPS signal jammers and GSM signal jammers are devices for different signal types and application scenarios. It is necessary to select the appropriate device according to specific needs and ensure legal use.