Yet again another outstanding product from Philips Saeco is here, the Saeco Xelsis automatic espresso machine. Philips Saeco is leading the way when it comes to coffee and the art of coffee making. They have delivered excellent coffee and espresso machine products since 1985. This company is determined to continue flourishing the top concerning coffee makers and coffee machines. Your purchase will always be well worth it as long as it is coming from Philips Saeco.

Today, we are featuring a major revolution in the espresso machine industry. This sophisticated, stainless steel machine can make up to 6 different coffees for 6 different people. It can amazingly personalize and customize each cup of coffee to suit everyone's taste. Here are the other exceptional features and specifications.

- Xelsis's own brewing system has a turning dial to tailor and modify the strength and consistency of every coffee cup.

- Saeco Xelsis has 36 exclusive brew sets that can be programmed with a touch-icon.

- It has a beautiful display screen conveniently positioned on the front of the coffee maker.

- It has a detachable tank that can accommodate up to 54 ounces of water.

- Saeco Xelsis provides an effective كواب القهوة  water filter to complement the coffee maker's water tank.

- You can now produce a uniform coffee grind ideal for any blend of coffee through the use of Saeco's ceramic disc grinder. This grinder will provide you the ability to grind and blend coffee beans according to your taste.