Are you a cat owner looking for a natural and eco-friendly toy for your furry friend? Check out RATU, the new paw-fect cat toy! This unique toy is made from cotton with cork granulate filling, and has two narrow felt stripes on one of its shorter sides.


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Fun for Your Cat


Unlike traditional cat toys made with polyester filling, ratu 365 is made with cotton and filled with cork granulate, which is a natural alternative. Cats love to play with this type of material because it is soft and gentle on their paws, plus it’s eco-friendly and sustainable. Designed as a small rectangle with two narrow felt stripes, ratu 365 is easy for cats to pounce on and chase around, which allows them to satisfy their natural hunting instincts. For more details please visit ratu365


Safe for Your Cat


Cats naturally love to paw and chase things that move, so ratu 365 is a great way for your cat to play and fulfill their natural instincts. It is also a safe toy for cats, because it doesn’t have any moving parts that can get hurt with their claws or teeth.


Cats can also interact with ratu 365 by sniffing and biting it, which fulfills their predatory instincts as well. It is also a good toy for cats of all ages because they can play with it in different ways. They can even hold it in their mouths and carry it around.