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Head lice: Symptoms/Causes/Cure[edit]

You know it is going to be a tough day when your young ones came home scratching their head, not for one but continuously. Yes, it is none other than head lice! There are many things a majority of people do not know about when it comes to head lice. And guess what, you are not the only one who doesn't know some underlying things about these tiny little creatures for sure. The surprising thing is, even though almost anyone can avail abundance of information related to the head lice, most of the sources would not provide the proper facts regarding the same. That is why you need to take a look at symptoms, causes as well as a cure for the head lice and nits. • Symptoms As mentioned in, head lice can cause some of the most common symptoms, such as intense itching and many more. If you are scratching your head, then the chances of contracting head lice increase. But that's is not the only symptom of this. Some of the other symptoms that can possibly suggest whether you are the host of these tiny head lice and nits or not is none other than headache. In the worst-case scenario, the problem of headache can get worse in time if only the number of head lice increases. Apart from all, you may even feel drowsiness or sleepiness. When head lice and nits grow in a considerable number and cross the limit, they suck more blood from one single host, thus causing a person to feel less energetic over time. • Causes According to health care experts and physicians, there are no major causes of head lice with no doubts. Even though head louse and nits do not cause any major health care problems that can lead to some of the other diseases or even fatalities, there are some irritating problems such as itching or rashes on the scalps. • Cure Thankfully, there is more than one in order to overcome this issue. First and foremost, the choice of nearly a majority of people is lice comb. Apart from the lice comb, some other product you can consider is hair oil to get rid of head lice. But if you do not want any of these products, then what can be better than the best lice treatment provided by the novokid that has no side effects or chemicals as well as preservatives.