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Popular Nearby Destinations[edit]

The location of the Westgate Grand Central Hotel is very convenient for people. It is located in midtown Manhattan at Grand Central Terminal. One could visit the Grand Central Station to travel anywhere from the hotel. This hotel is not only the perfect place to travel from and stay but also has the best services and facilities. One can make their hotel bookings at The hotel even offers boarding pass printing services for guests to save their time. This time can be enjoyed sightseeing instead. There are a number of nearby tourist destinations. These are: Empire State Building: • The Empire State Building was named after the nickname of New York City, 'Empire State.' • It is 443.2 meters tall with 102 floors. The Empire State Building was once the tallest building in the world in 1931. But lost that title to the World Trade Centre in 1970. Today it is the 49th tallest building in the world. • The Art Deco Architectural style with its many observation decks and height make it incredibly popular. It was planned to have unobstructed views of the city. • The Empire State Building is a national icon. After it was featured in the film King Kong in 1933, it became popular. It was featured in 250 TV shows and movies after that. The Statue of Liberty: • The Statue of Liberty portrays Libertas, the Roman liberty goddess. As she walks forward onto the future, broken shackles and chains lie at her feet, showing the past. These broken shackles and chains signify the US abolition of slavery. Libertas holds a torch in her right arm to light the way forward and a tablet in her left arm. This tablet has 'JULY IV, MDCCLXXVI' inscribed into it. It is the date of the US Declaration Of Freedom, 4th July 1776. • The neoclassical statue was a gift from France as a memorial of their independence. It was designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi. Central Park: • It is the most visited urban park in the USA and the most filmed location in the USA. There are an estimated 42 million visitors as of 2016. The park was opened to the public in 1858. • It is the 5th largest Park in New York City and covers 843 acres or 341 hectares. Initially, it was going to be 778 acres, but additional land was purchased and added to it in 1859. This was finished in 1876. Central Park has diverse flora and fauna.