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Some Key Tips for Startups to get on the Radar[edit]

When you are starting your own business or startup you have limited time. Sometimes you need to make short things a priority. The best example of this is SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION TAILORED FOR YOUR BUSINESS. There is a lot of information regarding SEO online. A maximum number of articles is either wrong or very professional. This article will cover the key opportunities to increase the search ranking positions and garner more attention in easy steps. These 5 tips and tools for startups can be for industries and businesses.

1. Webmaster Tools and Search Console set-up

It is a basic requirement for every startup that is integrating with the webmaster and search console panel. Verification of the domain on GSC both as property and prefix. Google and Bing information, automated reports, and reports of the issue make SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION TAILORED FOR YOUR BUSINESS easy. Familiarizing yourself with panels and dashboards is a must. 2. Local search properties

If you have a site that conducts business online promotion outside your area, it is a primary concern. But having a local presence also have benefits in a long run, such as: • Increase legitimacy • Show business in search results • Provides an efficient distribution Plus it is completely free to make a local search presence. The bonus of having a search means Google will consider your business above everyone else. Three key features: • GMB site Google has an offering for GMB owners to create a simple web 2.0 website. Business information needs to fill and create content alongside the main website link. • Publish posts You need to publish regularly and keep the listing updated. • positive reviews Good reviews are something that will always drive users to your business or website. Make sure to garner positive reviews from your customers which will keep you on the radar.

3. Structured Data Implementation

Structured data is what is followed but search engines help them understand the pages better and display good snippets on search. It will attract more visibility if it’s ranking. However, there is no actual guarantee for a better ranking after this. Some of the most common schema markup types used for businesses are: • “Organization” Schema • “Corporation” Schema • “Local Business” Schema • “News/Media Organization” Schema You have to take time to get to know about this schema and their implementation. 4. Social engagement It can be said as one of the most neglected in SEO strategy. If your website is gaining popularity through social conventions, the search engine will surely favor the content more and prioritize the business and Outrank your competition. This is the primary reason why social engagement should be added to the SEO strategy.