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The idea of creating an Evx store took time to shape over the years. The founders of the store are active people who are athletes, nature walkers, and also cycling is a hobby for them. One of the founders, named Jarmo, had a long hockey career that also involved triathlon and cycling. The other founder Henrick had been a mountain biker from a young age. Their bond has come again through the kickboard business as the popularity of kick-boarding is increasing.

The thought began to increase in 2018 when the mountain biking founder went to try out an electric fat bike for the first time, and in just five minutes, he made the decision to purchase his own electric mountain bike. To buy one electronic bike, he started his research, but he found that comparing bikes was very challenging. There are so many companies and manufacturers for this, and this needs to be done properly. From this, he thought of designing an online store that will work especially for electric vehicles. Vainok, one of the entrepreneurs of the evx store, got excited to try electric cycling during the pandemic time. In these exceptional times, going grocery shopping was also uncomfortable, and he had the same problem while researching products online. There were a lot of products and brands available, which made it difficult for him to make a decision. In the end, vainok just starting renting bikes to make a good decision, but even then, the comparison was impossible. Then by coming together, they started thinking about how they could make this easier to know all the products and how the customer can get all the info about the products, and the services that they provide should also be taken into consideration. They always wanted to offer all the brands and products in the same store, so the customer got a wide collection to choose from. The brands and products that they sell want the customer to compare and buy according to their convenience so that they won't face the same problem as the founders. The last was that the customer service should be fast and trustable and also the product should have competitive prices. Gathering all these main points, they started the construction in 2020 and decided to provide the technology of the future and also should be environmentally friendly. For more information, you can also visit our website to check the collection.